12 January 2015



What's your "stay-at-home" look? I've told you before, as I'm working from home and spending days mostly at home, I tend to dress relaxed and comfy but care as much about my look as when I'm going out. Since Christmas the health state of the family has not been as good as usual; when one of us has been sick and is feeling a bit better the other starts. As yesterday was "stay-in-pajamas-kind-of-day" as Kaja was sick the night before and therefor total lack of sleep, I really had to make an effort to put myself together this morning. From that tiny story of my life comes the inspiration for today's post. That casual, relaxed, sweatpants, shirts, trainers kind a look that has heather grey in all the looks...as I tried probably too hard not to post any stripes this time! Gahhh...

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