06 February 2015



Flared leg jeans and trousers are making their place in the fashion scene again as they've done regularly over the years and decades. I love it. I have some, had them for years, I just seem to pack them and unpack when I take a break from using them and now it's time to unpack again. I think, as they are back in the spotlight, it's also a part of the denim revolution overall – using denim as a fabric in much more versatile way than has been done before. What I also really like as a denim lover, is that they add a style in the closet and every fit is in fashion. Jeans are not just jeans anymore. As I searched for flared jeans I found a lot of nice photos and I'm making two posts out of it. Number one; flared jeans and a look little bit more groomed – blazers, shirts, peacoats and more. Number two; more relaxed look. Enjoy and get inspired for the weekend! 

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