02 February 2015



My little Kaja is constantly asking these days about my favourite this and that. The question I get more often than others is: What's your favourite colour? I really want to answer her from the bottom of my heart and think about my answers and what I'm saying to her. My favourite food is Italian and difficult to choose one course, depending on mood, weather etc. My favourite clothing is jeans and striped t-shirts. My favourite colour is blue. But blue has endless hues and varieties. I really love sea blue tones but my ultimate, above all, without no doubt is NAVY. I love navy. Navy is my black. I remember the combination of navy jeans and navy puffer jacket with white dots as my first day in school uniform when I was probably eight. I felt so myself and at ease. Then my love for navy began. I dress in navy, we painted our home in navy, I want our cars to be in navy, dress my girls in navy. Because I adore how navy brings other colours to life. Navy and black, perfect. Navy and grey, perfect too. Navy and red, pink, orange... You can see my all time love for navy in the photos following. 

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