12 February 2015



A new feature on Home and Delicious – TBT, throw back Thursday. I mentioned this to Gunnar as we have tons of photos from recent years that can be interesting to publish. Though we lost somehow the map of his with huge amount of films during moving back to Iceland from Italy in 2008 (and we are constantly thinking about how that could happen) we have enough for many, many Thursdays! Lets start TBT with images we shot in probably 2005. Then we had this chocolate brown wall in our apartment and this lavish timber floor...later on had to be removed due to failure in the building process of the apartment. It's true! We styled the first two photos for Next, with some of their objects, and the third one for the paint company Flugger. As you can see it's all very simple and neat. Our style has evolved with us getting older! I notice that clearly. It's much more eclectic and personal. But we still have all these objects and furniture and use it in our home, all around, and happen to love it! More next week. 

Photos Gunnar Sverrisson / Home and Delicious

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