04 March 2015



Recently I've been asked a lot for help as people want to paint their home in some colour. I'm so so happy that people are considering painting their home in other hues than white and super light BUT what I wish for is that people make up their own choices of colour to use. Helping people I ask questions and look around to see how they build their home – try to read people and see their style. I recommend some and try to find out if people are ready for some statement colours, dark, bright or light. 
I'm telling you this, as recently I've been thinking a lot about this dominating-interior-style-what's the right colour way! This is the colour for you! Colour of the year! This colour is in and this is out! No, no, no. No colour is out. Colours work for soul and feelings and you should embrace yourself with colours that do something for you. Pink or orange, violet of taupe. Blue are supposed to be a hot one. I've been blue all my life and had my home in blue a really long time. Suddenly it's really in, but I know that blue colours are not for everybody to paint their home in. 
Get some help if you're not sure of colours and how to use them BUT always find what you really love and like. Don't be scared to try something new, you can always paint again. Colourful homes are "colourful" homes!

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