14 July 2015



Home. You can feel like home in many other places than actually the one you call "home". Home is here and it can be there. In places you really feel attached to. That get you emotionally. And it can be different places. You just have a feeling of home and that matters. 

Italy had us all in June and we travelled around a lot, from north to south. Iceland is now. The photos from Italy bring memories like photos should do. Following are few of many, many more Gunnar shot there. We will post some more later on. The first photo is probably our most favourite of them all for me and our girls. Italia, Roma, an old and happy lady, smiling to us, living life. A true moment, where we had stopped in an ally in Rome when walking around. And there she came and smiled when she saw us. It's like time just froze actually there with the shot and we remember every detail of that moment. That's the purpose with photos! 

Gunnar Sverrisson / Home and Delicious

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