20 July 2015



Yes, Nutella pizza. Correct. Italians love Nutella and so do we. Nutella is must at home for us. When in need, and nothing delicious to have for tea, Nutella is the saviour on a toast. Our Italian friend can't start his day without Nutella and white loaf. 
Of all the amazing food we had in Italy, Nutella pizza was the one to remember for our daughters. And it can't be more simple. We did it recently in our cottage in the country and ...everybody were Nutella-happy! 
There is no recipe. You need a pizza dough, bought or home made. Make it round and about 1 cm thick. Bake it until soft and lightly golden. Let it cool for few minutes. Cut it in half and spread generous amount of Nutella on both parts. Sandwich it and dust it with some powdery sugar. Then eat and enjoy with happy people. 
Now, as our daughters' birthdays are upcoming, we are definitely going to serve Nutella pizza for the guests. Buon appetito!

 Gunnar Sverrisson / Home and Delicious 


  1. This sounds and looks so tempting to me.

  2. ...it surely is great - hope you've already tried it and enjoyed!!!


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