26 August 2015



First days at school equals we are back to more normal life (...and also for Home and Delicious, finally). For me trying to be more organised in our daily life and rituals (as we are relatively more for some "loosing up" feeling/atmosphere to seize the day). Though that kind of organisation is something I really need to focus and work on to follow properly, organising my home is a way easier for me. I want every piece of object to have its home as it equals easier clean up and less time tidying up in my opinion. 
And that's actually what I've noticed among many of our guests, staying at Home and Delicious Apartments this summer – they appreciate staying there for its feeling of home AND because everything is clutter-free in that home! They tell us that "living" there these days has inspired them to de-clutter and simplify at their own home. Going through that work, doesn't mean changing your home or how it looks like. I think it's more about your feeling, how you want your personal habitat to work for you and your family in daily life. 
So how can that be done? Me best advice for sure; closed storage, hide all the stuff you need but don't want to be on show. Bring out of cupboards what you love to look at to personalize your home. What we do at our house is painting cupboards and drawers in the same colour or hues as the walls and for us it works perfectly. What make us happy is on display, what we need is well kept and hidden until it's needed. The photos are shot this morning in our home.

Halla Bára / Home and Delicious

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