30 September 2015



Perfect comfort food – pasta with green beans, bacon/pancetta, leek and creamy parmesan sauce. To serve and enjoy when it's getting more autumn like, darker and colder. Maybe a glass of italian wine, tv, fireplace, warm blanket...too much? It's a dish you want to cook again and for me it's a positive feeling in a world full of recipes to try. Read more to get the recipe. 

Pasta with green beans, leek, bacon/pancetta in creamy parmesan sauce

400 g pasta of your choice
250 g frozen green beans
3 tbs olive oil
1 leek, finally chopped
350-400 g bacon or pancetta
salt and black pepper
2 dl cream
1 dl pasta water
5 msk parmesan cheese, grated

Boil the pasta and when 5 minutes are left of the boiling time add the green beans. Drain the pasta and the beans when finished.
Heat the oil on medium heat. Soften the leek and the bacon/pancetta without cooking the leek too brown! Add salt and pepper if you feel so. 
Add the pasta water to the pan and the cream. Drizzle the parmesan and stir until well combined. Add more liquid if you want more sauce. 
Add the pasta and the beans into the sauce, not all at once, and the pasta should be coated and creamy. Add more pasta to the sauce if you have more left. Serve.

Photo Halla Bára / Home and Delicious

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