22 September 2015



Every season I write about the latest colours from the paint manufacturer Jotun. We've been using their product now for some years and using such a good quality paint really matters in final result. Specially when you're painting in strong colours and dark colours. The finish is so totally different. Recently Jotun introduced their latest collection for autumn/winter 2015-2016. As usual well executed colour palettes in three different tones; blues, light and earth hues. Although blues are my cup of tea I really like to see different hues of light and these earthy tones. Slate of greens and browns with a kind of dirty, greyish undertone. Gunnar asked me few days ago if I didn't like white on walls but that's totally not the case. Actually I love it when the white is really made a statement. When it's whole heartedly part of the personal style of the people living there. And specially, and probably as always, used with furniture and objects that compliment that white look. That's a blast! But now some colourful photos for you to get inspired. Read more for a lot more photos. 

Photos via JOTUN webpage 

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