21 September 2015



Family food – well known words in the vocabulary! Meaning; trying hard to find some food that every person in the family really likes – food or a dish you can rely on on a regular basis knowing that it will be eaten and enjoyed. Hard work. Specially when a seven year old can be a tough cookie and making this job really difficult. Read more for the recipe. 

Recently I made a fish pie using a recipe from  Jamie Oliver, that his wife usually cooks. I wanted to try this as their kids love it. It's a typical family dish and can surely be recommended. I made some changes, but nothing to talk about. It's a comfy dish for colder days and can so easily be adapted to families and what they prefer. I've decided to share the recipe from jamieoliver.com but give you some options and ideas to think about. 

Get the recipe HERE

If you don't want to make a béchamel-sauce you have the option of making a white sauce made of sour cream.

White sauce:

500 ml sour cream
2 tsp dijon-mustard
lemon juice from half a lemon
50 g grated cheese, cheddar or parmesan
salt and black pepper

Stir all the ingredients together and toss the spinach into the sauce. Use the spinach fresh and only chopped. 

Photos Halla Bára / Home and Delicious

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