24 September 2015



It's been a very, very long time since I talked about fashion and what follows it. It's probably because of that I decided to take a break from Pinterest for some time and therefor I didn't have so many new photos to show you. But yesterday I opened Pinterest and started pinning. So today I have some juicy, comfy, cool, everyday look for fall on my radar and will keep on giving some inspiring ideas. Never too often mentioned; I prefer to post useful photos of how you can make the most of your wardrobe. Give some ideas of combos that make you remember you have something similar and could use that to compliment some look you love. That's what I always do for myself and in my opinion, it makes me use most of the things I have on a regular basis. Of course, like most girls, I wish for something new, but as I can't have everything I want, I want my decisions to be well thought of when I buy. Following are some images I really liked...and feel I can steal! Read more for the photos below. 

More infos about the photos on Home and Delicious's Pinterest

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