18 September 2015



There are few days since every home in Iceland got the new Ikea catalogue. Probably at least one person per home has wander through it and I know that thousands will keep it for a year until the 2016 catalogue will be published. As I read it, I noticed some photos I really liked, although all of them are, as always, very well executed. And why do I like them? It's the atmosphere, the relaxed style and the mix. How the stylists use some furniture unconventionally and not the typical way as people would suppose to. Like the photo above shows clearly; It's a multipurpose living area. The round table in the middle on the rug, the office table, the console with the typewriter and what I love, the daybed to left. Read more for all the photos I chose.


It's always so cozy having a sofa or a daybed in the kitchen or dining area. The colours and linen in textile and how it's thrown over the table. 

Easy way to cover the floor is using two rugs instead of one. One is super heavy and far too big and trust me, impossible to clean. By doing this you're creating an island of living family space.

You don't need to have a huge wardrobe for your clothes and stuff and that costs a fortune. See how nice this looks. The shelvings, drawers, boxes. All so cute and personal in style.

Here the space is interesting for it's rawness but how it's decorated compliments the room. Two tables put together on the middle of the floor, the sofa not leaning against the wall. The furniture from here and there, complete mix but great interplay. 

 Photos by Ikea Iceland 


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