10 November 2015



Look carefully at the image above. Notice the arrangement of the furniture. It's not this typical set up we're used to. More like two islands on the living room space with a walking path in between. As we've been talking about details in interior, now we shall think about the big pieces and how to arrange them unconventionally. The image is from Paola Navone's home, but the Italian interior designer is a master in arranging furniture...and a lot more in my opinion! 
The following photos below, also from her apartments, show this very clearly. The furniture are pieces of beautiful and interested design, put together in a personal mix that describes her character. Nothing is supposed to match, it's more a mix but in a whole everything speaks together. Though her look might not be your style, that's not what I'm trying to "sell" you. What I'm talking about is that you can try at home to look at these images and arrange your living area in a similar way with a great result. Find a chair that you've put in your tv-room and not used for long in the living room. See the beauty in a side table you haven't seen for years. Mix this all together and make a room of your own. Not the same as by the neighbour next door. Read more to see the lay out ideas. 

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