19 November 2015



Yes, I think it is finally time for the fairy lights. It's getting darker and darker, sooner and sooner. We need more light at home in the form of soft and warm lighting that creates nice vibes, mood and coziness. Yesterday me and Gunnar were talking to a journalist friend of ours that were interviewing us about Christmas and the time ahead. We tried to say it as clear as possible to him that the weeks from now should all be loaded of this winter-holiday-December feeling. As this time of the year is for us and our family more of togetherness and doing some nice things. These particular holiday-days are not the final result in countdown to Christmas for us. So lets start this time by lighting up our days. For me that's how I want to decorate my home to celebrate the dark meeting the light. Following are some different ideas to think about when considering putting up the fairy lights. Read more. 

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