12 November 2015



Furniture lay-out in your living room is important as we've talked about in last posts. It tells about the movement of the space, the movement through it. It's created by playing with scale, texture and proportion and one important thing; not to put all the furniture against the walls should be kept carefully in mind. Chosen colour palette is of course important too and it should always be a starting point in creating a space. These essentials in making your living room a stunning master piece in your mind for you and your family, are really worth thinking about when making changes at home, whether big or small, and moving houses. The photos following have all these aspects included. Think about the lay-out / scale / texture / proportion / colours when looking at them and notice how these factors works together. It should do it too in your living room. 

Photos via Home and Delicious's Pinterest 1 / 2 / 3
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