16 November 2015



I'm a comfort clothing fanatic. Not that I just jump into what's next in the drawer and an old t-shirt (though it happens early in the morning in the dark). I know that's comfortable after a day in the office. But as I'm working at home, I couldn't spent all days like that. I'm a too much fan of beautiful clothing to do that. Working from home for many years has shaped my wardrobe a lot, as I don't need "working" wear. My "working" wear is comfort clothing with some added details, something that might be more like a weekend wear for someone. That's why I'm always super happy finding some great combos of comfort/everyday wear. The photos I'm posting are some I've collected recently and are useful for my "working" wardrobe. Maybe for you too?

Photos Pinterest / Home and Delicious for all the details available

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