16 February 2016



What truly speaks to you, affects you, when thinking about design? Living design so to speak, as most of things in our living environment are designed in some way. Do you live your life on your own terms? Do you personalise your style? Know what you want? These can be tricky questions for many of us but some not at all. Discovering a particular look that speaks to you, determined by the principles according to which something is designed, is to find you as a person and what fits your lifestyle. What suits you and who you are. 

Surely you probably appreciate different styles but to make your own is the most interesting one. Recently I was in Stockholm on the Formex. There were hundreds of companies showing their products but my purpose there was to visit a company's showroom I use a lot in my work. I was happy and satisfied with what I saw of their products and the visit was helpful for my future work. But walking around the halls, passing by all these companies showing their products, made me feel I was seeing the same things too often. Some of them I liked for how they represented their products and some related to my style. But I felt I was walking through "interior design and decoration world" of exactly today. It was like a formula had been given before hand. I'm not saying that these companies are not doing well, many of them are doing great things. What I'm thinking is that looking at what's going on in the interior (material) world, is too easily addressed to people as NEW-IN-YOU GOT TO HAVE IT to be valid. Therefor you feel too often you're seeing the same things, styling, homes, again and again in magazines and online. 

Stay true to who you are. Feel what relates to you. Make your home and your style your own. Use whatever you want to do so. Get help if you need. Use old and new. Mix and match. Be inspired by everything possible. Just to be you. 

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