09 March 2016



Warm tea loaf served in the afternoon with some hot drink, preferably tea for me, please! I love tea loaves. For their utter most simplicity and kind of dignity in their form. If there are some recipes I like to try they are probably tea loaves or old fashioned chocolate cakes with frosting. All the bling bling in the cup cake world is not so much for me although they can be super delicious and beautiful. I let others do the beauty in the baking, for me it's all about the deliciousness in the simple form of ingredients and home baking. Read more for the recipe following. 

This recipe is a one that I've had on my desktop for months and I wanted to try. Finally when I made it, and baked for a friend who came for a tea, I had completely forgotten where I found it. But notice the recipe is straight from where I took it and I have no intention in saying it is mine. I just really like the recipe and find you should try it too. Good luck! 

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