14 March 2016



Have you thought of using liquorice as a spice in your food and baking? This weekend we were invited to be a part of liquorice dinner here in Reykjavík, at a restaurant named Kolabrautin in Harpa Concert Hall. The main product used were the liquorice from Johan Bülow, the famous Danish brand. Johan himself has from the year of 2007 been able to introduce the product not only for sweets, but also as a spice and it's well known in the new Nordic cuisine. This dinner was truly a gourmet experience, both liquorice vice but also because of the amazing chefs at Kolabrautin. The food was delicious from the first course till the last. The product was for example used in butter, with white cabbage, ravioli, duck breast, skyr and ice cream. There are endless possibilities. The use of liquorice should really be a part of every chef's work, whether professional chefs or home-made ones. Following are some photos from Gunnar he shot in the kitchen while the chefs were at work. 

Photos by Gunnar / Home and Delicious

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