06 April 2016



Last week the shot of the kitchen above was the most popular pin on Pinterest. I've actually always really been fond of this kitchen. I like the twist of the materials, rattan is one of my favourites to use in all rooms, dark stained word is a match with everything, striped rugs enliven all spaces and green leaves bring in the nature. The kitchen is by Marianne Brandi and Keld Mikkelsen, the owners of the Danish brand DAY. I'm not sure if they still own this wonderful house on an island in the Caribbean Sea. Following are photos from the same kitchen the other way around and some from kitchens they've had in houses in Denmark. Their style is pretty evident though Marianne plays with it regarding were the kitchen are located in the world and how the architecture of the buildings are. Read more for all the photos. 

Photos of Marienne Brandi's and Keld Mikkelsen's kitchens

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