29 August 2016



In August every year it's an annual thing to get the new Ikea catalogue with the postman! It was a heavy sound and loud when it pomped to the floor few days ago. It's always a pleasure flipping through it, but what I like the most is finding some ideas that I feel are a bit different and interesting for people to think of as a choice. 
Lets take six ideas I want to show you and discuss. The photo above is the first one. A shelving unit, placed in front of a window, so that the upper part of it has the glass behind it. Almost like a green house, great for plants. But what is interesting, is that the see through effect who is so seldomly used like that (and I really don't understand why) adds a touch of difference in a room and breaks the formal furniture set up. Not only plants, just some beautiful objects.
Read more for the other five ideas. 

The second idea; I like these shelving units in white. This raw, industrial and a bit old feeling to mix in the kitchen with usually more modern kitchen cabinets. Although this is not a new idea at all, it's more usual to use one or two shelves, but here they are five. With adding more than two, you get a real focal point in the kitchen and something that is note worthy. And don't overthink the objects you put in it. The more the merrier. 

The third idea; an amazing balcony feeling. Notice the furniture in steel, use them indoors too. They are simple, industrial and great to mix with other styles. In the kitchen, bathroom, just everywhere.

The fourth idea; the use of hanger over the chest of drawers. I personaly really like these hanger for its simplicity and think over all that hangers are not used enough in homes. Definitely not only for outerwear or clothes, also for jewels and accessories. Multiply and add two or three hangers in a row. 

The fifth idea; colourful room. Why not let your inner colourful person show? Allow yourself to use the colours you love and not just one or two, even more. Notice how the colours match above and that there are more than five tones in the forefront. Of course when mixing colours, you have to study if it's a match or not! 

The sixth idea; why not put a bunk bed in the living room? Yes, why not? For everybody in the family to have their cozy place to rest. It's not a bed when used like that, more like a bunk sofa, two floored sofa. Actually I think it looks really good to and contemplates the living room. 

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