06 September 2016



Soft pink in endless hues is the colour that has been quite popular recently in many ways. Both in fashion and interior design, it has been seen as a great choice. I mentioned in last post about the new 2017 catalogue from the paint firm J├Âtun, that in my opinion soft pink is a colour not just in style at the moment, but much more a classic. Soft pink hues are a kind of variation when not painting white or beige. Look at the photos following, like the one above. The colour makes a total difference as a backdrop for the furniture, wouldn't be so if against white. Though white and all white can be really intriguing in some places, I wish people in the more light department would consider soft tones like pink as an option for their home. Not just one wall, more like the whole house or apartment. Why not? Read more for all the photos. 

All the photos are from the Colours board via Home and Delicious Pinterest account, 
there you can find infos about each one of them

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