26 October 2016



Lights are to lighten up a space for you as you need and to create a mood relevant your comfort. Far too many think of light and lights as a way to lighten up a whole house, a whole apartment from every angle and corner. Without thinking about how the light affects us at all. My opinion is that there are never enough lamps in the house! I prefer to light up the space with lights from everywhere but from above really. From above is just for special purpose. Really nice pendants and lamps make the space, create atmosphere. Then come the candles to layer the light. 
As there are so many and so nice pendants out there, and that can cost a fortune, I thought I should share with you lights that really got me when I saw them first. The Formacami pendants by And Tradition, designer Jaime Hayon. Not brand, brand new design but quite new and the design based on traditions of rice paper lamps. As a true fan of rice paper lamps over all, I was thrilled to see the Formacami lamps and also the price. For a statement piece it's very reasonable. Read more to see the photos of the lamps and how they look like in action. 


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