03 October 2016



Floors are usually the biggest investment factor when renovating a house or an apartment. Therefor its usually well thought of when future owners make the decision of the flooring. Some can be really lucky and the floors amazing in their new habitat, but some not. In my opinion, the safe way is usually the road to take for people when thinking about flooring but it really shouldn't always be. Look at the photos following. Why not try some other way then having the same flooring all over? Of  course it's important for everything to match to make a whole, but intertwine can be so much more interesting. Tiles in different forms, patterned tiles, wooden floors or concrete mix and match oh so well. We've been living with patterned tiles for quite some time now, and I can tell you, that we would do it again. It adds so much caracter and everyday I enjoy looking at the floor that makes the space so full of life. Read more for the photos. 

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