06 October 2016



Informality is to be learn from the boho living room. Relaxed, friendly, unofficial style or nature, absence of formality, laid-back informality. Every style should learn something about this attitude from the boho style, as it allows people to think outside of the box when placing furniture and objects inside of that box. Lets study each photo following the post and see what useful tricks to think about in your own living area to make it even more stunning for you and yours to spend time in. Read more for what to learn. 

The photo above shows brilliant use of a medium size rug that is too small to fit under the dining table. Instead it's laid halfway under the table and not straight. Notice the use of plants and how the two blue design chairs are not together in a set-up but a bit of a space between them. 

Living room that showcases a great set-up in quite a big space. 
Notice how the sofa and the chairs are located versus the sofa table.

Two sofas in a space, but a bit between them and many small tables.

Although this photo is from a shop, it's a space to study. For a big living room this 
set-up is to think about. Make two islands side by side and a little space between them. 

A group a plants and relaxed matresses and pillows on the floor is to learn from here. 

In a living room it's not a must to have a sofa or a chair to sit on. Pillows of all sizes 
are cozy and fit all styles. Also soften things up. 

Floor pillows/cushions and a corner sofa custom made for that space. 
An idea that could so easily be used in a totally different styled space.

Sofa to relax in. Throw a beautiful blanket or sheets to cover a sofa/bed. Change colours 
every season. Use a few sofa/coctail tables instead of that typical one. 

Different style of furniture put together to make a space personal. 

Comfy and cozy area. So charming. 

A small space can seems bigger and more elevated when using bigger furniture 
or a piece that's a bit oversized.  

All photos via Home and Delicious Pinterest, Living areas


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