30 January 2017



We are on the final days of January and the last days on Home and Delicious where we are looking through the year of 2016. Now there are great bathrooms of last year. Bathroom because I noticed when searching my Pinterest, that the board of bathrooms have the most followers. People are obviously interested in bathrooms as the bathroom can be the dream room in the house. The room you should spend some quality time in to revive, cleanse and relax. But designing a great bathroom is something people are not sure of and more quite afraid of. And as everybody know, can be very expensive production. Oftentimes I feel people are thinking about the bathroom as more complicated than it really should be. The more simple and basic, the more style you can add to it regarding materials, texture, colours and fittings. The photos show it very clearly. Read more to see them all. 


  1. You can create a bathroom that is both functional and enjoyable through remodeling. i would suggest great furniture and furnishings make your bathroom brighter and comfortable than ever. while going through many items, i really like the Just Trays Bathrooms and Keuco Royal Integral products, any suggestion over them?
    this blogis awesome and great.

  2. Such a nice clean and charming bathroom. I love to read this blog, I decorated one of my bathrooms in an African theme. I live in a home with my siblings and two nephews so I can't have anything too either. I did a bathroom Fitting all my porcelain wear in by myself and just got a tiler in to finish up.

  3. Absolutely stunning, this came in my mind when I checked the blog. Every bathroom taps and faucets are used in the bathroom, is a master piece and looking amazing at the spot. I would like to have one bathroom like this.

  4. Nice blog!! Thanks for posting it.

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  6. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    This one will surely help people planning to remodel their bathroom without any difficulty.

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