25 January 2017



Best of brass from last year. It's golden hue accompanies masterfully other colours and adds a tad of glamour to a space. Whether dark or light colours, strong or soft, brass always brings some surprise to a room. Many think brass should not been mixed with steel or chrome, but that's totally a misunderstanding. Brass allows mixing and by doing so you are kind of "downgrading" the glamour part of it to get a balance with the more rough side. The outcome is personal with a twist. Read more for the brass photos. 

All photos via Home and Delicious Pinterest / bathrooms / kitchen


  1. We put a brass light fixture in our living room this year and could not be happier. It gives our living room a rustic feel that was not present before. All visitors to our home compliment the fixture. My husband and I are debating putting more brass fixtures throughout our home. We really love the rustic look and want to bring that to the rest of our home.

  2. great to hear - I totally love brass and mixing different kind of metal - for me it is a great way to work with mixed style - definately use more brass at home!


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