25 January 2017



Best of brass from last year. It's golden hue accompanies masterfully other colours and adds a tad of glamour to a space. Whether dark or light colours, strong or soft, brass always brings some surprise to a room. Many think brass should not been mixed with steel or chrome, but that's totally a misunderstanding. Brass allows mixing and by doing so you are kind of "downgrading" the glamour part of it to get a balance with the more rough side. The outcome is personal with a twist. Read more for the brass photos. 

All photos via Home and Delicious Pinterest / bathrooms / kitchen


  1. We put a brass light fixture in our living room this year and could not be happier. It gives our living room a rustic feel that was not present before. All visitors to our home compliment the fixture. My husband and I are debating putting more brass fixtures throughout our home. We really love the rustic look and want to bring that to the rest of our home.

  2. great to hear - I totally love brass and mixing different kind of metal - for me it is a great way to work with mixed style - definately use more brass at home!

  3. That golden color kitchen sink tap has just taken the heart away. Amazingly structured the bathrooms and kitchen. Keep Posting more on the same.


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