24 January 2017



Plants, I know – I'm constantly preaching the healing ability of plants and greenery for the home. And I will continue doing it. Ok, plants. For me they are a must in our home. Plants add colour, they clean the air, they add texture, layers, hight, fill in gaps, they are decorative...and alive! What else to ask for? And it's so easy to find your style in plants and what suits your home. I always thought it was a kind of a problem keeping plants in our home, when traveling about watering and stuff. And in the beginning of me and Gunnar living together, we never ever thought of decorating with plants. Plants were a no no at that time, but I always felt something missing and bought flowers to freshen up. When I got the first plant at home, at last, it was no turning back. Now I can't imagine my home without them, it's such a big part of the overall mood. Following are beautiful photos of plant filled homes to get you inspired. Read more. 

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