05 January 2017



Happy new year 2017 dear Home and Delicious readers. We want to thank you your loyalty and finding in H&D something you relate to. New year is an empty sheet to write your story, a lot is going to happen, highs and lows. Home and Delicious will finally move places and  get a new and better home for it's stories and some better place to grow. 
Life is quite dark and grey in Reykjavík at the moment and today it's supposed to be quite bad weather. For first days of a new year I always find it valuable to take it a bit slowly, appreciate life and think of the months ahead and how I would like them to be. Working from home make it possible for me to sit in the dark, like now when writing this, sipping my tea and just be. I really am thankful for that and Gunnar and I have through the years work hard for making it possible for us to live like that. It has high and lows, pros and cons. But the positive effects are what we seek. 
I prefer slow and productive life without busyness. Positive mind and personal habitat. That's Home and Delicious way of being. 

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