02 February 2017



It's actually really important for children to have their bedroom quite well organised and planned. Not to mention a tad tidy. I've noticed that if not, children loose their interest of spending time in there, as they're not feeling well enough. For me here at home, it doesn't happen every day, not every other day either to tidy up. Our younger daughter loves to play and she creates a kind of islands or creative stations for her games all around and it can be like that for quite a while, as the game continues. That doesn't matter to me at all, but I find it important for our daughters, if they're supposed to tidy up, that it's easy and that they know where every thing is supposed to be. Also that it's not done for me and their father, but for themselves. 
Childrens bedrooms are also the room in the house people are having some problems with, and ask me a lot about it in my work. Usually the rooms are not big enough for all things supposed to be in there and people find it difficult to have a proper storage for the stuff. It's also how to plan the room and find solutions.
So to speak, Kaja asked me to do a post about childrens bedrooms, as she loves to search Pinterest and beautiful bedrooms for her age. We chose some together we find beautiful and also having a factor that really works. Read more for the photos, ideas and why it works.

Simple drawers units made into a table and bench. 

A canopy will always and forever be super popular, as it creates a kind of den in the room.

Girly canopy - cozy corner.

Simplicity works the best. Canopy and mattresses to create a beautiful private space.

Twins or siblings similar age, don't have to use bunk beds. Two mattresses side by side and a long headboard all the way, and it all become a sofa.

Using the space properly - make a false floor with drawers for storing space and upon it playing area or a place for the bed.

Clever useage of the attic. Make it a safe and cozy space.

Old funiture can get a new life when changing places and be a very useful kind of thing. 

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