07 March 2017



Now we have quite a small apartment that is full of interesting details. Most of us are not living very big and spacious and therefor it's always so knowledgeable to get small space ideas. Like in a home visit a few weeks ago, there were these black steel-frame windows to divide the space, and it's also in this one and working as well. This apartments also shows, that using some colours are working for smaller spaces, but far too often you can hear the old fashioned and out of date rule, that dark colours make a space smaller! No, not at all. Old rules are meant to be broken. More details to notice; the kitchen, the kitchen table and the furniture in there. The cabinet in the bedroom and use of space in the hallway. CLICK HERE to see all the photos and read the story.


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  4. A wonderful use of colors. Agree with you sometimes dark colors fascinate me a lot. 6 months ago I hired some Kitchen Fitters in South wales to set my kitchen after home extension. My family friends were surprised to see my kitchen. It is an amazing change for me. However, thanks a lot for sharing such a nice post.

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  7. What a magnificent looking kitchen! I need to start renovating my kitchen soon, thanks for the share. Love checking out your blog. Keep up the posts. Have a nice rest of your weekend. Greg Prosmushkin


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